Track Of The Day 15/5 – Obongjayar

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Obongjayar is simply done with it all. After all, times are dark. There is no end of things to worry about in a fractured society, one that often feels if not rudderless, then certainly intent on circling down to the deepest layers of hell.

So he’s pulling back. New song ‘Just Cool’ is a bass-heavy pulser, the funky backbeat reminiscent of Sault while also nodding to the elasticity of Fela Kuti’s output. There’s a sense of defiant joy at play here, with Obongjayar taking the world-building songwriting apparent in Ivor Novello nominated debut LP ‘Some Nights I Dream Of Doors’ and injecting it with some feral immediacy.

An exhalation, a grasp at something new – ‘Just Cool’ cuts away from the darkness of the everyday, propelling itself towards the light of the unknown.

Says Obongjayar…

“Everyone is on edge! How could we not be? Where’s our united humanity? Where is our united love for our brothers and sisters and children looking for safety and opportunity? Where is the love for our planet?

We’re constantly being lied to, used and squeezed of whatever energy is left in us. We’re in a pit fighting amongst ourselves while the bloodsuckers incite division and cheer from high above while poking at us continuously. Be cool and let cool”.

Tune in now.

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