Track Of The Day 18/3 – Sam Austins

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What did you have for breakfast today? After all, it’s the most important meal of the day. The experiences you have after waking tend to frame your mood, and shape our day. Left-field R&B wunderkind Sam Austins knows this all too well, which is how ‘Oatmeal Pancakes’ came to inspire his new single.

But wait, let’s dial back a bit. Sam Austins is Detroit-raised, LA-based. A model, songwriter, and producer, who speaks his truth, and uses whatever outlandish colour catches his eye.

His new EP ‘Boy Toy’ – due out on May 26th via Atlantic Records – is a true all-rounder statement, a platform for Sam Austins to fully express himself, with no filters in place.

Which leads us to breakfast time. ‘Oatmeal Pancakes’ is cute, and almost cartoonish, it’s use of colour steering the song towards bubbling optimism. A song about “a classic night of emotional intimacy” it’s about how little things, seemingly small events, can alter your mood for the better.

“It was a little blip of connection that at the time, I needed. The moment was both fleeting and unforgettable,” Sam recalls. “I remember spending time with her in a beach house, outside of LA, drinking red wine and listening to classic 90s records for hours into the morning. I actually almost called this song ‘New D’Angelo’. The morning after, she had made a special breakfast for me. It’s my new favourite meal, caramelised bananas on top of oatmeal pancakes.”

Super sweet and extremely nourishing, Sam Austins’ R&B template will set you up right – and there’s a few more meals to come, too.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Khalil Copeland