Track Of The Day 23/5 – Sølv

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Some artists are building songs – Sølv is out her building entire worlds. The London based multi-hyphenate utilises minimalist palettes, the strength of their convictions anchored to a subtle intensity, infusing wisps of electronica with soulful aspects.

The fashion-fashion figure has already collaborated with the likes of Dior, Loewe, Mulberry and more, and the London producer intends to follow this with a full EP. Due out on June 26th, ‘Somewhere Between Heaven And Drowning’ is a deft four-tracker, one that broadens out into a singular statement.

New song ‘Angels By My Side’ is divine. Subtle R&B elements are interwoven around those dulcet electronics, Impressionist daubs of sound marked by synthetic pointillism. Like a Matisse transformed into sound, Sølv has a painterly touch that acts with the utmost precision.

Backed by a fantastic visualiser, ‘Angels By My Side’ is the clearest depiction yet of Sølv’s aesthetic enchantment.

Tune in now.

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