Unpropped Shares New Single ‘Nousle’

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Unpropped is marking his return with brand new single, ‘Nousle’.

A bold offering from the Spanish producer, ‘Nousle’ points towards the influence of Floating Points, Amon Tobin, and Aphex Twin. Starting off jagged and stark, the track turns into a cinematic journey across dark, pulsing kickdrums, swelling synths and contrasting textures. Travelling across Brazil, India, Germany and Morocco, Unpropped shares a strong element of escapism, equally tapping into the universal.

The track arrives as an introduction to debut EP ‘Acausality’, set to release on the 30th June. Across 5 tracks, the artist focusses on the potentialities of live performance and community, whilst inviting the refined skills of Stefan Betka to mix the project.

Having spent two years at Strasbourg’s Longevity Music School, Gérman Sanchez demonstrates his fascination for dynamic arrangements and instrumentation. Lead by the unexpected, Unpropped curates a sound that seamlessly navigates the dancefloor and beyond, re-imagining the contexts in which electronic music can thrive.

From start to finish, ‘Nousle’ is a poignant release from Unpropped, foreshadowing the next chapter of the rising musician’s career.

The artist comments: “My goal with this track was to score a balance between the warmth of a textured, gentle bassline and the coldness of a rather straightforward beat, always driven by the mysterious sample that runs through the whole song. ‘Nousle’ drives you through different stages and atmospheres in an organic way without losing its essence, which I appreciate most.”

Tune in now…