Wild Nothing Announces New Album ‘Hold’

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Wild Nothing will release new album ‘Hold’ on October 27th.

The project is spearheaded by Jack Tatum, and the new album represents Wild Nothing’s first new LP in five years. The intervening time has hardly been static, however – most recently, Jack Tatum has collaborated with Japanese Breakfast and Molly Burch.

New album ‘Hold’ steers his music in fresh directions, the first self-produced album from Wild Nothing since their 2010 debut ‘Gemini’.

Out now, new song ‘Headlights On’ has a 90s feel to it, blending different production techniques with his dream pop formula. Australian artist Hatchie lends her vocals to the song, which contains some undeniable pop appeal.

Wild Nothing comments…

“This track was incredibly cathartic for me. It’s a song about your relationship reaching its most brittle moment and still trying to find even the smallest open window that can lead you back to that person…”

“Musically I was drawn towards something that felt very body centric and could help get me out of my own repetitive thought patterns. It’s a propulsive and hopeful track that’s meant to act as a release valve, but the somberness that inspired the song remains intact.”

Nathan Castiel (Remi Wolf, Hatchie, Model/Actriz) directs the video, which you can check out below.

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1. Headlights On
2. Basement El Dorado
3. The Bodybuilder
4. Suburban Solutions
5. Presidio
6. Dial Tone
7. Histrion
8. Prima
9. Alex
10. Little Chaos
11. Pulling Down The Moon (Before You)