YBN Cordae Plays ‘Cop or Drop’ With PUMA Rider

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All summer long, everyone has been watching YBN Cordae in anticipation of his debut solo album. The Maryland rapper member dropped The Lost Boy back in July, and he’s been non-stop on-the-go ever since. We recently flew out to Venice Beach to hang out with him on the set of his PUMA shoot for the latest episode of Cop or Drop.

The ongoing series showcases special guests selected to reveal whether or not they would buy a random assortment of trendy products. Given that Cordae claims to have the best wardrobe in the YBN collective, we had to get his thoughts on everything from PUMA and Prada to Dickies, smart cars, and pigs in a blanket. The rapper’s signature “lost boy bag” has become more than merch, a high quality accessory built for convenience that he describes as being “clutch as fuck,” so don’t be surprised if you see him with his own clothing line soon.

“Fashion is just an extension of your personality,” he says. “This is the way that you showcase yourself. It just depends on my day, how I’m feeling… One day socks and sandals, one day dope Pumas.

Find out which items YBN Cordae would actually splurge on by watching the video above. While you’re here, revisit our intimate interview with him.