Yeastie Boys Are On A Mission To Get New Zealand Into Eurovision

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Yeastie Boys have shared their new single – and it’s a potential Eurovision anthem. Oh, there’s just one catch, though. They’re from New Zealand, and – sadly – our Kiwi cousins haven’t been invited to the party.

Out now, new single ‘Eurovusion (Open Up)’ was crafted alongside Two Hearts, a New Zealand comedy-pop duo. The title is a reference to the Kiwi accent, while the song finds Laura Daniel (vocals) and Joseph Moore (beats/occasional vocals when it isn’t too hard) going to town on those Song Contest tropes.

The end chorus – “we used to be together in Pangea!” – will stay in your head for days, while above all else it’s a trashy, ultra-catchy slice of pop fun… exactly the kind of thing Eurovision was built for, if you ask us.

So, a bit about Yeastie Boys: they’re the world’s smallest multinational beer company, seemingly, having been founded in New Zealand and now also brewing in the UK.

Yeastie Boys founder Stu Mckinlay says… 

We’ve become big Eurovision fans since arriving here in the UK but we really miss having our own country to cringe at while simultaneously supporting unwaveringly. 

I was the youngest of five kids and whenever my older siblings went to gigs, I was too young to join them. Australia being in Eurovision, when New Zealand hasn’t been invited, gives me the same vibes and I don’t like it. 

New Zealanders grow up with a sense of social justice being very important and Australia being invited to Eurovision without New Zealand is like inviting someone to your wedding but not giving them a plus one!

Everyone loves New Zealand and finds us cute and non-threatening and that makes us a sure thing for doing well in the public vote. I mean who really likes Australia?

Tune in now.

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