yeule’s ‘inferno’ Dares To Open Old Wounds

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yeule returns with new track ‘inferno’.

The pop voyager’s debut album ‘glitch princess’ landed last year, a work that seemed to surge beyond genre barriers. Working with incredible freedom, yeule took this energy and went back into the studio, redoubling their experimentations in the process.

New album ‘softscars’ is out on September 22nd, with ‘inferno’ illuminating their intentions. Out now, it’s an indescribable rush of electronic energy, infusing their melodic search with some truly unknowable qualities.

Exhilarating, it also operates as a pop song – definitive yet open-ended, it allows any prior expectation to dissolve, the bubbling rivulets of liquid sound pouring from the speakers.

yeule comments…

“The song is a gash, scar no.9. In this scar I ask the blue flame in my heart, will you ever fade? When you are engulfed and eaten in blue, what was left of me were parts of you.”

Tune in now.

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