Donald Trump Has Pardoned Lil Wayne

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So farewell, then, President Trump.

The mogul turned reality TV star turned Republican politician ends his term as President in acrimony, but not before dishing out over 100 Presidential pardons.

Amongst this litany of clemency are former allies – step forwards Steve Bannon – and some figures from the entertainment world.

Somewhat bizarrely, Lil Wayne is amongst the beneficiaries of Trump’s pardons, with the rapper having his conviction for concealing a gold-plated fire arm on a flight quashed.

The incident took place at a Miami airport in 2019, and following Wayne’s guilty plea he was left facing 10 years in prison.

Coincidentally – or not – Lil Wayne was one of the few stars who openly supported Trump, and gave his endorsement earlier in the year.

Curiously, Kodak Black has also received a commutation – he had been charged with falsifying information on federal forms in order to purchase firearms.