Khruangbin Announce Late Night Tales Mix

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American group Khruangbin will chair the latest mix from Late Night Tales.

The long-standing mix series has a twilight theme to it, something that encourages a distinct manner of curation.

This new mix will be helmed by Khruangbin, whose album ‘Mordechai’ landed earlier in the year.

It’s a globe-leaping tracklist, one that moves from Anglo-Indian experimentation to South Korean rock, alongside funk deep cuts.

As is tradition, Khruangbin have recorded something special for the mix, a fresh take on Kool and the Gang’s oft-sampled jazz-funk classic ‘Summer Madness’.

Drummer DJ Johnson comments: “‘Summer Madness’ became a staple in this medley that we play. Specifically, one of my favourite things about it is the tone of the bass, which really reminds me a lot of Laura Lee’s bass which has this chunky, peanut butter, rich tone. It was always a special moment, getting to that song because, it just did something to the room, everywhere.”

Laura Lee continues: “‘Summer Madness’ was paying homage to Kool & The Gang, a band we aspire to be like and also we’ve played it a hundred times but never in full.”

Check it out now.

Khruangbin’s Late Night Tales is out on December 4th.