Manuel Aspidi Releases A Brand New Single Entitled ‘Last Call,’ To Raise Awareness For Environment Issues

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Are you an environmentalist who is deeply worried about the state of our planet? Well, Livorno native, Manuel Aspidi, is too. The artist just released a brand new track titled ‘Last Call,’ that addresses his passion and concern about environmental issues.  

The new track includes an inspirational message about protecting our planet to raise awareness for listeners all around the world. ‘Last Call’ was aired on the radio for the first time on World Environment Day 2020 which was proclaimed in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly. 

Due to this event, Aspidi made the generous decision to donate the proceeds of the song to WWF Italy. A ravishing music video to the song was also released, displaying a breathtaking scenic visual of planet earth!

Many say that Aspidi’s vocals are warm and soft, reminding them of the late legend, Alex Baroni. 

Check out the tune for yourself!