Nick Waterhouse Unveils New Album 'Promenade Blue'

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Nick Waterhouse will release new album ‘Promenade Blue’ on April 9th.

The American artist is steeped in vintage soul and R&B, but he’s able to add a distinctly modern, effortlessly stylish twist.

New album ‘Promenade Blue’ finds Nick working alongside producer Paul Butler, who has developed such a potent partnership with Michael Kiwanuka.

New single ‘Place Names’ is out now, with its swooping string arrangement recalling the grandeur of those 60s beat ballads.

There’s a crisp modernity to the production, one that nods towards the timeless while still adding something distinctly new.

Check it out now.

1. Place Names
2. The Spanish Look
3. Vincentine
4. Medicine
5. Very Blue
6. Silver Bracelet
7. Proméne Bleu
8. Fugitive Lover
9. Minor Time
10. Santa Ana, 1986
11. To Tell