NLE Choppa Finds Comedy In ‘Make ‘Em Say’ Being Used For Kyrie Irving Highlights

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NLE Choppa was highly amused to see his song “Make ‘Em Say” become the soundtrack to a Kyrie Irving highlight video. After the Legion Hoops Twitter account featured his sexually explicit cut in a minute-long basketball clip, Choppa pointed out the bizarre track selection.

“Why the hell they using ‘Make Em Say’ for a basketball highlight,” he wrote along with multiple laughing emojis.

Choppa’s Mulatto-assisted “Make ‘Em Say” appears on his debut album Top Shotta, which dropped last Friday (August 7). The song is a baffling choice for a basketball highlight since the entire track is about sex.

The snippet used in the Twitter clip notably includes a hook that lacks subtlety, to say the least. Choppa declares, “We know some good dick that make the pussy say whoa-oh-oh.”

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Legion Hoops’ Twitter highlight even features some of Choppa’s first verse, which is more explicit than the chorus.

“I like a ratchet bitch, it’s something about when she smash with her bonnet on/Keep my dick up in her dome, I’m fucking up her chromosome/Like it when a young nigga hit it, she thought that I was grown/Open up your mouth, I’ma spit in it while I’m stroking long/Hit it from the back like where you running from/Left the nut up on her ass in the back like a honey bun,” he raps.

View Choppa’s reaction to “Make ‘Em Say” being used in a basketball clip above and watch his video for the song below.