Rick Ross Gives Young Rappers A Game Plan On Attracting Brands

Rick Ross took a break at the gym to provide some motivation to other artists. Rozay posted a video in which he gave advice on securing business relationships with brands.

“The brands you wanna work with don’t wanna work with you,” he said. “They don’t even wanna work with people who wanna work with them, who love and look forward to working with them. That’s what the muthafuckas who work with them doing.”

He continued, “So show these brands by reaching out, getting in contact, repping. Let ’em know that you genuinely got love for their brand. Separate yourself from all the other lames.”

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In the second portion of the clip, Ross stressed the importance of maintaining the hustle mentality. He told his viewers not to accept excuses.

“It don’t matter; you gon’ lose everything if you ain’t grinding and grinding hard, boy,” he noted. “Them people don’t care nothing about whatchu talking ’bout … So guess what you gotta do? Learn to accept no excuses. No excuses, oh no, don’t even bring that shit. Bring whatcha supposed to bring witcha.”

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The Maybach Music Group boss is gearing up for a new album titled Richer Than I’ve Ever Been. He dropped the LP’s lead single “Pinned To The Cross” in August.

Richer Than I’ve Ever Been will be Rozay’s first project since 2019’s Port of Miami 2. The sequel to his debut album peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

Stream Ross’ “Pinned To The Cross” below.