Delilah Holiday's 'Goddess Energy' Is A Source Of Inspiration

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Delilah Holiday has shared her new single ‘Goddess Energy’.

The artist has been a key facet of London’s DIY communities for some time now, thanks to her role in righteous group Skinny Girl Diet.

Her solo material sits in a realm of its own, with her new single prompted by long walks in the Swedish countryside, and an intrigue in fungi.

Out now, it’s more in the R&B realm than her work with Skinny Girl Diet, but there remains a raw quality to the sonics.

Gently sculpted, there’s a punchy element of empowerment to her musicality.

Delilah comments…

“‘Goddess Energy’ is about tapping into your divine feminine energy no matter how you identify. I made ‘Goddess Energy’ to uplift and empower whoever listens to it. Goddess energy can include so many elements, but in its simplest form, it’s a level of awareness linked to the divine feminine spirit…”

Tune in now.