Lana Del Rey Hits Out At Complex, Re-Affirms Trump Criticisms

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Lana Del Rey has directly criticised Complex and Rolling Stone following their reporting of comments she made in a Radio 1 interview.

The pop icon is having quite the week, with her Instagram comment pre-empting criticism of her new album artwork creating an internet firestorm.

With the title cut of ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ out now, Lana spoke to Radio 1 host Annie Mac for an in-depth interview.

Asked about the out-going President, she remarked that the “madness” of the Trump era “needed to happen”, reasoning that it brought the United States problematic “narcissism” to the surface.

She said: “The madness of Trump… As bad as it was, it really needed to happen. We really needed a reflection of our world’s greatest problem, which is not climate change but sociopathy and narcissism,” she said. “Especially in America. It’s going to kill the world. It’s not capitalism, it’s narcissism.”

Lana also commented that “[Trump] doesn’t know that he’s inciting a riot”, adding: “They want to wile out somewhere. And it’s like, we don’t know how to find a way to be wild in our world. And at the same time, the world is so wild…”

Describing America’s “disassociated rage” she added: “We didn’t know that we got half of the country who wants to shoot up the Capitol… We didn’t really know that because we never got to see it. I think this gave us the opportunity to see where our level of mental health is at.”

The comments immediately went viral, with Lana Del Rey subsequently using Twitter to criticise the way in which her statements were being disseminated in media.

She wrote: “…I was describing w the bbc [sic] was that Trump is so significantly impaired that he may not know what he was doing due to his significant lack of empathy and the wider ranging problem is the issue of sociopathy and narcissism in America.”

“I’ll say it again I don’t appreciate the larger magazines taking my well-intentioned and believe it or not liberal comments out of context,” she continued. “It’s actually what I sing about quite often. It’s what I’ve been condemned for saying. You can listen to the entire interview.”

“I also want to say that I don’t appreciate complex magazine inferring that I thought it was right to storm the capital. After my long term relationship with them and exclusive interviews over the last 11 years I think it’s pathetic if Rolling Stone chimes in-same goes for them.”

In a follow up video, she comments: “I have something to say and I don’t just show up giggling and talking about my hair and my makeup. I was asked directly political questions for over 40 minutes by BBC Radio 1, and I answered them.”