Raheaven Soars With New Single '2Personal'

North London vocalist Raheaven has shared her new single ‘2Personal’.

The R&B riser fuses her Eritrean heritage with soulful sounds, resulting in something strikingly personal.

Debut single ‘7AM’ was a terrific introduction, and ‘2Personal’ takes this R&B vision one step further.

It’s a song about retaining strength while showing vulnerability, all driven by her assured sense of purpose.

She comments: “Although I’m being vulnerable, I’m also talking my shit and i’m not trying to let my guard down, we don’t do that around here for just anybody. I’m not crying about him not calling me back, I’m more just like… you didn’t call me back? Do you know who I am? Goodnight, TTYL. I wish you all the best.”

Raheaven continues: “The video’s really about trying to get your mind off of a situation by distracting yourself with your girls, trying to have fun, trying to forget about it, keeping it fab keeping it cute. It’s like; I don’t want to get too emotional with you… let me hop out my feelings and get back to being that bitch.”

Tune in now.