Shambhavi Raj, Sham, Shares Her Latest Project EP Discoveries

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Shambhavi Raj, performing as Sham, shared with the world her latest work, an EP Discoveries. Within only 20 minutes, Sham invited listeners to learn about her deepest secrets and exposed her personal and intimate stories. 

Five featured songs represent what Sham’s music is about – acoustic instrument, and meaningful, poetic lyrics. Sham, clearly, is one of those artists who care about their message and fit the melodies to the mood they try to channel. That is why Discoveries sounds somehow melancholic and nostalgic – in a good manner. 

The young singer and songstress opened her sonic universe to the world and delivered a handbook of indie pop. Discoveries is a divine, spiritual fusion of mainstream music with elements of the underground soul. Sham served a first-class vocal performance that puts her in the front line with the best vocalists, watch out Adele!