Slide's 'Maybe I Just Hate You' Attempts To Make Sense Of The World

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Swedish alt-pop duo Slide return with new single ‘Maybe I Just Hate You’.

It’s a song riddled with frustration, but one that finds acquiescence within the possibilities pop music can offer.

The pairing take aim at the pressures of everyday life, using their new single as a vessel to make it through to the other side.

They comment…

“We felt like young people nowadays, including us, spend a lot of time worrying about the future and growing up and making money and stuff like that. And we don’t really have the answers either so we’re pretty much just singing to ourselves saying ‘keep going it’ll all make sense at some point’.”

The lyrics pick apart work frustrations, maybe even something personal. It’s all done with a feeling of gentle defiance, though, as Slide point out:

“Sometimes you just hate a person whether it’s an ex, boss or whatever and you have no reason to try and make it better really. That’s just something we wanted to put in a song. The feeling of ‘get the F out of my face’ you know? Also we felt like we hadn’t written anything with attitude in a good while so we just wanted to blow off some steam I guess.”

Wrapped up into a perfect pop confection, you can check out ‘Maybe I Just Hate You’ below.

Photo Credit: Alexander Hoggard