The Jaded Hearts Club Rattle Through Soul Stomper 'Love's Gone Bad'

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The Jaded Hearts Club have shared their take on soul stomper ‘Love’s Gone Bad’.

The all-star group are essentially rooted in Los Angeles, and boast Muse’s Matt Bellamy, Blur’s Graham Coxon, Miles Kane, Nic Cester and more in their number.

A full album is incoming, featuring garage rock blasters alongside some rather more soulful material.

Aiming for the feel of their incendiary live shows, The Jaded Hearts Club kept things are stripped back as possible in the studio.

Just listen to their take on ‘Love’s Gone Bad’, a soul classic initially released by Chris Clark in 1966 on Motown’s side label V.I.P. Records.

A gem of the Northern soul scene, the video finds Miles Kane cutting some shapes in London’s Moth Club, alongside Emma Noble, a DJ and singer whose own creativity is well-worth checking out.

Miles Kane comments: “‘Love’s Gone Bad’, a rare northern sole stomper that we dug from the underground. We beefed it up and gave it golden wings with matching loafers! Be prepared to dance!”

Tune in now.