Average Joe Subverts Rock 'N' Roll Cliche In His New 'Promo' Clip

Stoke-on-Trent outsider talent Average Joe wants to do things his own way. 

It’s not being awkward, and it’s not being difficult… well, not much, anyway. Rather, it’s just a songwriter who knows his work, and wants to follow his heart.

New single ‘Promo’ is a superb return, the rattling drums underpinning a bolt-from-the-blue vocal that picks apart rock ‘n’ roll cliche. 

As usual, we’ll take Average Joe’s words at face value, and he describes it thus: “an invocation of the egoic spectres of rock and roll, dressed as a grandstanding anthem to pop vanity…” 

We’re able to share the video, and it builds on those lyrical themes. “Idea behind the video was to play-out the cliche of a knock-off rock and rolla smashing up a hotel room,” he says. “And then the reveal is that the room that was smashed was only a facade, thus implying the meta-narrative that the knock-off rock and rolla act is also a facade.” 

Average Joe continues: “We built the room on a shoestring in a local warehouse in Stoke, got drunk and played out the fantasy.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Bertie Baxter