Beats By Dr. Dre x #Merky Books Probe Social Change In This New Roundtable

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Beats By Dr. Dre and #Merky Books combine for a series of Roundtable talks.

#Merky Books have launched their How To series, a guide to enacting change in your life and those around you.

This new video Roundtable series finds host Dotty speaking with a number of experts in their field, looking at How To Write It, How To Build It, and How To Change It.

The latter is online now, and it’s worth highlighting as the US goes to the polls to – hopefully – kick Donald Trump to the curb.

Joshua Virasami, Lavinya Stenett, and Tanya Compas discuss the meaning of change, where it comes from, and whether true societal change is possible in this informative discussion.

Watch it below.