Emma Miller's 'Set Me Down' Is A Song Of Return

Emma Miller grew up in the North East of Scotland, before descending upon London to follow her dreams.

A songwriter of astute emotional resonance, her folk-hewn work has blossomed into something remarkable.

But the pace of London took her by surprise. Balancing real life with everything the music industry can throw at her, she became burnt out.

Escaping from the city, Emma found that her path lay in a journey home, a return to rural Scotland, and a softer style of life.

‘Set Me Down’ focusses on this, a spartan return with an affecting vocal that longs for some kind of inner peace.

“I wrote this song nearly two years ago when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the music industry and all that that entails. ‘Set Me Down’ has quite a literal meaning really, I wanted to be wrapped up in cotton wool and gently set down, away from the franticness of London,” she explains.

“Funnily enough, a year later that’s just what happened. I left London, dropped the pretence of my music having to pay the bills and came back home to the north east of Scotland. Listening to the song now, it’s like hearing a small piece of my life being played out, things have come full circle in a way and I get a strong sense of peace from that.”

Out now, we’re able to share the full visualiser – check out ‘Set Me Down’ below.