Evan Dando Apologizes To Jawbreaker

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Back in 2022, the Lemonheads played some shows opening for the reunited Jawbreaker but eventually were removed from the tour. In response, head Lemonhead Evan Dando lashed out at Jawbreaker on Twitter, calling them “pussies” among other insults. Now, as Brooklyn Vegan points out, Dando has taken to social media again to apologize for that outburst.

Wednesday afternoon, Dando posted the following messages on Twitter:

Thanks, jawbreaker!! I needed to grow up and you guys helped …I dig your music now … I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me and put me in touch with Fred Walsh!!!!! Long live Jawbreaker … sorry again I was outta my mind ! I sure wouldn’t of brought me on tour.”

I hope as well JAWBREAKER knows that I was actually channeling a character / making fun of myself I hope you all got a laugh at least … I had fun … way too much … “ you know what happens when you have too much fun …. (?) “ Rick Danko

Thanks again Jawbreaker… sorry for the hassle !

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