Faye Webster Makes First Coachella Appearance With Live Debuts, Minions Collab

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On Friday afternoon, Faye Webster made her Coachella debut. She performed a couple tracks from her latest album Underdressed At The Symphony live for the first time — “Wanna Quit All The Time,” “He Loves Me Yeah!,” and “Lego Ring” (though no Lil Yachty appearance for that last one). Webster performed in front of a giant blue t-shirt and was surrounded by a bunch of blue garments — a nod to the Underdressed At The Symphony album cover — and she wore what could pass for pajamas.

Before the set, she announced that she had teamed up with the clothing company Braindead to make a limited-edition t-shirt with a Minions version of Webster on it, apparently an official collaboration with Despicable Me 4.

Check out clips from Webster’s set and that Minion shirt below.