Funkmaster Flex Slams Tommy Richman’s “Garbage” Hit “Million Dollar Baby”

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Last month, virtually unknown musician Tommy Richman managed to hit #2 on the Hot 100 with his TikTok viral hit “Million Dollar Baby.” The 24-year-old is signed to Brent Faiyaz’s label, but Funkmaster Flex thinks “Million Dollar Baby” is “garbage.”

The DJ, rapper, producer, and Hot 97 host went on a rant on the radio station. “If you’re someone that likes this song, you are a clown,” he said. “This song — I don’t know what the rest of his songs sound like. I don’t even know who Tommy Richman is. Sounds like a shoe store. Now we’re gonna document this hot garbage. We’re gonna play it now, I know you want to hear it. I wonder if this is big in the club.”

About the track’s intro, he said, “See, this part is deceiving like it might be a good song.” Then, he critiqued, “Watch the terrible part as it comes in. You hear the tin can drums?” At one point, he said, “This song puts me to sleep.” Eventually, he said he was going to stop playing the song and play something else instead, to “bring us back from the depths of Hell, from the depths of garbage.” He also added that it “sounds like it was made on a Casio machine.”

Hear his rant below.