HEALTH Frontman Addresses Haters Of Their Amoeba What’s In My Bag? Video

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Last week, Amoeba Records shared an entry in their popular What’s In My Bag? series with the Los Angeles trio HEALTH, who released a new album Rat Wars late last year. The comments on the video picked up on some perceived tension between the band members, and most of the negative attention was directed at frontman Jake Duzsik. “The little guy seems like a prick,” one commenter wrote, and another: “The short dude is trying to hard.”

In a jokey response video, Duzsik checked out the comments on the YouTube video and read some of them out loud, including one that read: “This was only posted a few hours ago, but I’m wondering is this band still together, and why have they broken up.”

“It was very early in the morning, I think it’s not as bad as people think,” Duzsik said. Many comments and clips later, he concluded with this message: “You can’t make everybody happy, but everybody reading into all this stuff, all I can say is this: I’m reminded of a quote from former President Chester A. Arthur, who said, ‘I may be President of the United States, but my private life is my own damn business.’”

Judge for yourself below.