John Fogerty Doesn’t Know Why Queensland Fest Took Him Off Lineup, Organizers Say They’ll See Him In Court

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On Tuesday Australia’s Country Fest Queensland issued a statement that John Fogerty was no longer a part of its lineup, only for the Creedence Clearwater Revival founder to reveal that he doesn’t know why he’d been dropped. The festival is scheduled for March 30-31 in Dittman Bullpit in Bloomsbury, Queensland and ticketholders can receive a refund due to the “non-appearance” of the roots-rock legend.

“I was ready to celebrate with you all for my one and only show this year in Australia when the Country fest Queensland blindsided me yesterday by canceling my appearance,” Fogerty responded in his own statement. “It was posted that I would not be appearing due to unforeseen circumstances. Well, I can tell you, my friends, I was not the reason for the ‘unforeseen circumstances.’ I was ready to come down there and excited to celebrate getting my songs back with all of you.”

The festival responded to that with another statement, saying, “Negotiations with John Fogerty’s team had been in place for a number of months. Those negotiations were well advanced and were seeking to be progressed by us with best endeavours, however, those negotiations did not reach a final outcome, resulting in negotiations ceasing on Friday 23rd February 2024.”

It continued, “The matter is now subject to court proceedings in the Supreme Court of Queensland, and is due to be heard in mid March. Until such time as the proceedings are dealt with, we do not intend to comment further.”

Late last night, Fogerty posted a video discussing the situation with a guitar in hand and a dog at his feet. “For some reason, they say I’m not playing there but as far as I know I’m ready, willing, and able to play it,” he said in the video. “It’s a big disappointment to me, what’s going on right now. A shock actually.”

Today, he told Billboard, “I’m bewildered. I still remain able and ready and willing to do this show. I take the commitment of playing for the fans very seriously. Throughout my career, practically my whole life, there’s hardly ever been a cancelation.”