Justin Timberlake Is Opening A Bar

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Well, here’s something curious. A couple of weeks ago, Justin Timberlake was arrested in the Hamptons for driving while intoxicated. The story went mega-viral, and many of the pieces of trivia associated with it — the mugshot, the perp walk, the reportedly very funny interactions with the arresting officer — have become memes. It’s probably the most attention that Timberlake has received in years, even though he released a new album earlier this year. Now, Timberlake is reportedly working with Tiger Woods — another person who might not want to be linked quite so closely with alcohol in the public imagination — to open a bar.

The BBC reports that Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods have been given permission to start planning ways to convert an old movie theater in St. Andrews, Scotland into a “luxury bar.” Timberlake and Woods are shareholders in Nexus Luxury Collection, the real estate company that’s working to transform the New Picture House Cinema into an establishment that’ll feature “sports simulators, duckpin bowling, and darts, while retaining two cinema screens.”

Tiger Woods says that he and Justin Timberlake came up with the idea to open a bar while playing golf together at a development in the Bahamas that they own together. Tiger Woods has played golf at St. Andrews many times, and Timberlake has also played there. Current owners claim that the movie theater, which opened in 1930, is no longer financially viable. Presumably, these plans were underway before Timberlake’s arrest, but it’s a little surprising that they’re still going forward.

A few days after his arrest, Justin Timberlake’s world tour took him to Chicago, where he vaguely alluded to his troubles, saying that it had been a “tough week” and adding, “I know I’m hard to love sometimes.” Billboard reports that Timberlake made joking reference to the arrest while playing in Boston last week: “So, uh, is there anyone here tonight that is driving?” Also, the rapper CupcakKe recently invited Timberlake to listen to her new track “DUI.”