Listen: Teenage Fanclub – 'I'm More Inclined'

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Teenage Fanclub have shared their new single ‘I’m More Inclined’ – tune in now.

The Scottish group’s new album ‘Endless Arcade’ lands on April 30th, their first in a new iteration.

With the band under-doing a subtle re-shaping, the record has definitely caught the attention of fans.

New song ‘I’m More Inclined’ is out now, and it acts as a kind of starting point for the album as a whole.

Refined songwriting with a spring in its step, there’s a neat 60s bubblegum element at work amid lyrics that discuss faint traces of optimism amid the gloom.

The band’s Raymond McGinley says: “When we first starting talking about getting songs together for a new album, Norman said, ‘I have one ready to go now!’—and that was ‘I’m More Inclined.’ He played it to us, we loved it, and that got us started on the whole thing that became Endless Arcade.”

Tune in now.

‘Endless Arcade’ is out on April 30th.

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