MGMT Share Tribute To Cola Boyy

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Last week, Cola Boyy passed away at 34. MGMT took the Oxnard, CA-based musician out on tour not long after he released his first EP Black Boogie Neon, and the group’s Andrew Van Wyngarden appeared on a track on Cola Boyy’s 2021 debut Prosthetic Boombox. Today, MGMT have shared a tribute to the late self-described “disable disco innovator,” whose real name was Matthew Urango.

“It’s been a week and a half since Matthew passed and we are still working our way through heaviness and loss,” MGMT wrote. “The loss of a dear friend and brilliant artist, a truly unique and steadfast mind, someone who could see through anybody’s bullshit but who was ever-tactful, insightful and nonjudgmental, had the sharpest wit, was staunchly committed to the good fight, unafraid to truly see all sides, bold, bursting with love and empathy, and never self-pitying.”

“While nothing can fill the immediate void that was created, there has been a lot of remembering and reminiscing and celebrating of this awesome dude, and many smiles and laughs along with the hard tears,” they continued. “Let’s continue connecting with the joy and laughter and amazing music Matthew brought to this universe. We will miss you Cola Boyy! You are loved.”