Noname "Not Proud" Of J. Cole Response 'Song 33'

Noname has explained that she is “not proud” of her J. Cole response ‘Song 33’.

The Chicago rapper seemed to call out a number of hip-hop figures – including J. Cole – for not doing enough for Black American issues in the United States.

Taking umbrage with this, J. Cole released the song ‘Snow On Tha Bluff‘, in which he pierced an unnamed figure’s “Queen tone”.

Elaborating on this, he urged his followers to “follow Noname” while praising her intellect.

In response, Noname shared her release ‘Song 33’, utilising a fantastic Madlib beat.

Now she’s told fans that she’s “not proud” of the response, saying: “My ego got the best of me…”

Saying the song is “a distraction” she re-affirmed that “Madlib killed the beat” before confirming she will “be donating my portion of the songs earnings to various mutual aid funds…”

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