Oasis’ Liam Gallagher Says Noel Gallagher Turned Down A Definitely Maybe 30th Anniversary Tour, Peter Frampton Tells Them To Stop Marding

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This year, Oasis are among the many first-time nominees for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and the band’s classic debut album Definitely Maybe will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary. But the forever-feuding Gallagher brothers are no closer to patching things up. Liam Gallagher has already made it clear that he’s not interested in the Hall Of Fame and he’s clowned Noel, “the little fella,” for potentially wanting to attend the induction. Now, Liam has gone on the record, claiming that Noel shot down an offer for a tour that would’ve celebrated the 30th anniversary of Definitely Maybe.

Liam Gallagher and former Stone Roses guitar ace John Squire have a collaborative album coming out, and they’re the subjects of a new Mojo cover story. When the inevitable subject of an Oasis reunion came up, Liam said, “Noel? He ain’t fucking doing it… I did call him! Well, my people called Noel’s management team. We put an offer on the table for an Oasis thing — because we got offered it — and he said no. It was a big tour, a lot of money. He turned it down. I get it; he’s got a divorce going down. I’ll do the Definitely Maybe thing and have a nice time without him.” Liam is, in fact, planning a 30th-anniversary tour without Noel.

When asked about the opportunity for a (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? anniversary tour in 2025, Liam said, “It’s down to the universe. It’ll happen when it happens; it’s not in our hands anymore. Me, I love nostalgia, though. I’m doing the lot. Every album, even… what was the last one?” When informed that it was Dig Out Your Soul, Liam continues, “Fucking right, man! You never enjoy them the first time round, so I’ll be milking the lot. People say it’s the comfort zone. I want to be in the comfort zone! Bring me my slippers and my little blankie and put me in the comfort zone, please. Life’s stressful enough.”

Meanwhile, Peter Frampton, another of this year’s first-time Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nominees, has weighed in on the divisive question of whether the Gallagher brothers should continue marding. His take: No, they should stop. In a recent interview, Vulture’s Devon Ivie asked Frampton about the possibility of an Oasis Hall Of Fame reunion, and Frampton said, “I don’t know them. I wish I did. That would be interesting to see, if they would both agree to get on the stage at the same time. Oh, come on, boys. Life’s too short. Get back together.” Peter Frampton does not love the way they insist on marding.