Only Sun's 'Extraordinary' Is The Perfect Lead-In To Their Debut Album

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High Wycombe group Only Sun have shared new single ‘Extraordinary’.

The band’s biting live shows have gathered a devoted army of fans, while a series of singles have stamped out their songwriting nous.

Debut album ‘Tangled Mind’ is the broadest, most in-depth statement we’ve yet had, and it lands in April 2021.

The central theme is mental health, something Only Sun tackle with typical grace and sensitivity. Say the band…

“‘Tangled Mind’ is an album built around the concept of mental well-being. Written over the course of a pretty eclectic year of our mental health, it tracks the subject through swings of dark paranoia and self doubt, through to pure bliss, hope and trust.”

“Originally, the album was to be ordered from darker concepts through to light, however it was later decided that to replicate the human mind accurately the concepts should be random and unpredictable. For there is no happiness without a lack thereof, no confidence without vulnerability, and no trust, without paranoia. Individually, the songs represent a snapshot of real life and propose an honest account of the effects that this has on a confused, flawed mind. Together, the songs merge to form the beautiful yet flawed bouquet of a tangled mind.”

New single ‘Extraordinary’ springs from this well, and it’s a riveting piece of indie rock with a neat lyrical flair.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jordan Daniel Logan