Pac Sun Is Selling Retro LimeWire T-Shirts Now

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Not to give away my age, but there was a period of time in my life, 15 or so years ago, during which I acquired a lot of my music from LimeWire and a lot of my clothes from Pac Sun. Apparently, someone my age is now designing clothes for Pac Sun and had the idea to release a few retro-looking T-shirt designs proudly featuring the LimeWire logo.

I’m not sure when these shirts first became available to purchase, but two out of the three designs are labeled “Low Stock,” so I guess there really is an audience for this. Your shirt design options include an old-school CPU among a few scattered limes, a lime sliced in half to reveal the LimeWire logo, and a CD spinning inside someone’s head, which I think is kind of cute actually. The larger sizes are all out of stock, but if you’re a slightly smaller person, good news: They’re all on sale. Snatch ’em up like you used to snatch up those pirated Built To Spill albums.

And props to Pac Sun for turning a blind eye to those times LimeWire tried to cash in on the NFT boom, the Metaverse, and AI.