Patawawa's 'Disco Video' Is A Frisky Thrill

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Patawawa return with frisky new single ‘Disco Video’.

The band’s exuberant sound is sheer fun from start to finish, something encapsulated by their fantastic live shows.

With live music largely shuttered by the pandemic, Patawawa have been focussing on studio priorities, laying down some fan favourites.

New single ‘Disco Video’ is a case in point – ultra-catchy disco-fuelled songwriting, it’s a high-energy return from the group.

A statement of support for female empowerment, it features lyrics written by collaborator Beth Garrett, and hones in on the relationship between mother and daughter.

A song with a serious core, but one that makes you want to get up and dance, ‘Disco Video’ is a surging triumph of dancefloor energy.

Patawawa comment…

“We wanted to write this song as a big shout out to all the strong women out there who are doing their best to make more strong women!”

Tune in now.