Ralegh Long Shares Beautiful Piano Piece 'Felix's Route'

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English composer Ralegh Long has shared his touching new piece ‘Felix’s Route’.

The composer is perhaps best known for his work on the BBC comedy Ghosts, with his music surrounding the show’s gentle humour.

His own work has a vein of introspection to it, with new EP ‘Winter’ landing later this week.

The four pieces that comprise the EP were written earlier this year, when Ralegh was scoring a new season of Ghosts during lockdown.

Left to his own devices, he would go on a walk every day, in order to clear his mind through bathing in nature.

This walk underpins his song ‘Felix’s Route’, a gentle piano miniature whose sublime minimalism has a spartan grace to it.

We’re able to share the video, and it features home-shot footage from the walk, including the crunch of brown leaves.

Watch it below.

Order Ralegh Long’s ‘Winter’ EP HERE.