Razorlight's 'Burn, Camden, Burn' Is A Glimpse Into Johnny Borrell's Teenage Fantasies

Razorlight have shared the full video for new single ‘Burn, Camden, Burn’.

The archetypal Noughties indie band, new single ‘Burn, Camden, Burn’ is a slicing return from the London outfit.

Out now, it was initially scripted during sessions for their fourth album, during studio endeavours overseen by Edwyn Collins and Dan Grech-Marguerat.

Falling by the weyside, it was unearthed again recently, and spruced up as a middle finger flick to North London’s indie birthing ground.

The video is a real blast from the past, with Johnny Borrell retrieving footage he shot as a 19 year old fixated with Andy Warhol and Existentialism.

Inspired by those Paul Morrissey films from The Factory, there’s a heart-warming edge to that level of teenage pretension.

Speaking on the video, Borrell says:

“When they told me they were going to use a song which is about my life when I was 19 I remembered I’d made a film at exactly the same point. I made the film when I was 19 and I’m singing a song about being 19, so it made sense to use the footage.”

“It was a period in my life when I was into Warhol, existentialism and Milo Manara.”

Watch it now.