Silverbacks – Fad

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The much hyped five-piece from Dublin have released their 13 track debut ‘Fad’, and it finds Silverbacks firing on all cylinders. Opening track and lead single ‘Dunkirk’ is instantly immersive. A single bass line is built upon by a three-guitar arrangement and layered riffs.

‘Fad’ was the product of observations made of this noisy and disjointed world . It is this world which inspired the band’s signature sound alongside ‘70s punk and no-wave elements. Silverbacks’ influences are clear. Meanwhile, their poetic and sharp lyricism is also observational and witty (“Every punk trick in the book”).

Pop culture is dissected and repurposed in the search for something new. They reference everyone from The Simpsons to John Hughes. There is an urgency to these songs which go from exuberant to eccentric. With ‘Pink Tide’, the jaunty guitars continue, as Daniel O’Kelly confidently explores societal observations. “That wasn’t Jesus / That was some f*cker in a dressing gown,” Daniel O’Kelly drily sings in the anthemic ‘Drink It Down’.

‘Klub Silberrücken’ features vocals from bassist Emma Hanlon which provide a lighter sound in contrast to O’Kelly’s voice. ‘Travel Lodge Punk’ is a minute or so of pure distortion, whereas ‘Muted Gold’ is catchy and energetic. “Screw the system / Before it screws you,” they sing in ‘Last Orders’.

The final track goes from being raw and noisy to gentle and soothing. ‘Fad’ is a very strong debut from an exciting new band, who have showcased a diverse range of memorable yet tongue-in-cheek songs.


Words: Narzra Ahmed

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