Singer-Poet D’Lemor Releases Her Debut Single “Shine” Off Upcoming Debut Album Your Lens Of Love

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D’Lemor recently announced the release of her official debut single, “Shine,” a song off her upcoming debut album, Your Lens of Love.
Born in Poland but residing in NYC since 1985, a poet and now a singer with heavenly vocals, D’Lemor decided to make music based on written poems by her.

The artist chose “Shine” as her first song to be released as she is confident about herself and her intention to make a difference in the lives of millions of people who need to feel inspired with the help of her songs. 

“Shine” is a startlingly impressive debut that exudes intimacy and emotion that seems limitless; except for D’Lemor’s angelic voice, the real highlight here is the lyrics, which are straightforward power to reverberate somewhere deep in the human psyche. D’Lemor’s unbelievable and sweet voice leads you to a place where you can feel some comfort. Throughout the song, you can feel sorrow, but you will always feel peace as well.

The debut song has many interesting points bringing us to the anticipation for the further examination of the Your Lens Of Love.