Stream “Only A Millie’” And “Meddling” By NYC Rapper Turk Ny

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NYC-based rapper and songwriter Turk NY has just recently released two of his latest recordings, the tracks “Meddling” and “Only A Millie’”. 

The Queens, NY rapper-songwriter is a natural when it comes to urban music making, and is truly destined to conquer the charts and leave his mark in the music industry in the very near future. The versatile artist has been sharing his fun mindset and positivity since the launch of his solo career in 2017, and has since put out two different bodies of work, including his favorite, the album Composure

With “Meddling” and “Only A Millie’,” Turk Ny is preparing the grounds and generating a much-deserved momentum for the release of his next major project, “Breaking Silence,” scheduled for release in the coming weeks.