SZA Previews New Song, Says Lana “Bout To Drop”

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Right now, we’re in the midst of a run of very big album releases. Ariana Grande just dropped eternal sunshine last week, and we’ve got giant records from Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, among others, coming in the weeks ahead. We might be getting SZA’s Lana very soon, too. Lana is a slightly mysterious piece of work. SZA has said that it’s the deluxe version of SOS, the widely beloved blockbuster that she released at the end of 2022, but she also says that it’s “like a whole ‘nother album.” The single “Saturn” came out last month, and now SZA is teasing another track and promising an imminent release.

SZA originally said that Lana would come out last fall, and that didn’t happen. On Instagram last night, SZA posted a teaser of a new track. In the insanely sexy accompanying video, she’s captured on grainy VHS stock, wearing lingerie and lounging around a camping tent that’s been set up in a photo studio. The song, like so many other SZA tracks, is about negotiating your own horniness: “Fuck around and die over community dick/ Never fight over community dick.”

In the comments, a fan asks about another unreleased track that SZA has teased: “WHERE IS DIAMOND BOY.” SZA replies: “on the deluxe I’m Bout to drop lol.” that’s not the same as a release date, but it’s something.