This Sleaford Mods Live Clip Is Fantastic

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Sleaford Mods played new single ‘Mork N Mindy’ on Late Night with Seth Meyers on October 30th.

The two-piece will release new album ‘Spare Ribs’ on January 15th, available through Rough Trade Records.

Lead single ‘Mork N Mindy’ is out now, with Bristol DIY maverick Billy Nomates co-starring.

Sleaford Mods shot a live rendition at London’s 100 Club during a streaming event recently, and shared it with Seth Meyers.

A searing, righteous, scalding take on the song, it finds Jason Williamson sparring with Billy Nomates over that spartan beat.

Oh, and Bernie Sanders was also on Late Night with Seth Meyers – that’s technically a Bernie x Sleafords co-sign, right…?

Check out the performance below.