Watch Ariana Grande Perform “Into You” For The First Time In Five Years At The Met Gala

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Hey, the Met Gala was last night! That’s a thing that we all definitely care about, right? A whole lot of fancy, famous people got dressed up in fancy, famous clothes and got their pictures taken. This year, the theme was Sleeping Beauties, which is a little on the nose, especially given the pro-Palestinian protests that were happening nearby. But if you were famous enough to get an invite and if you were OK with the basic idea of being there and willing to get all dressed up yourself, then you got a surprise performance from Ariana Grande.

There were actually two performers last night: Ariana Grande, who played a heavily choreographed seven-song set, and FKA twigs, who performed what describes as “(Unknown).” There don’t seem to be any videos of twigs’ performance out there, but there are some brief clips of Grande’s set, including her first performance of the excellent 2016 single “Into You” since 2019.

Ariana Grande also gave her first performances of a couple of tracks from her new eternal sunshine album, “the boy is mine” and the single “yes, and?” She opened with a version of the Sleeping Beauty song “Once Upon A Dream,” and she closed out by teaming up with her Wicked co-star Cynthia Erivo to cover “When You Believe,” the Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston duet from the 1998 movie The Prince Of Egypt — two selections that fit the whole Disney-princess aesthetic of her outfit. Watch some short clips below. Ariana Grande performing her hit Into You at the 2024 Met Gala on Monday night 😍🎤#MetGala ♬ original sound –

The person who showed up looking the craziest last night was arguably Lana Del Rey, who came close to impaling Kim Kardashian on her antler thingies.

Also, Katy Perry was not at the Met Gala, but an AI image of her on the red carpet fooled a lot of people on Twitter and also, apparently, her own mom.