Watch Cypress Hill & The London Symphony Orchestra Bring The Simpsons’ Homerpalooza Joke To Life

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In 1996, the Homerpalooza episode of The Simpsons depicted Cypress Hill accidentally booking the London Symphony Orchestra while high. The unexpected collaboration materialized 28 years later on Wednesday night at the London’s Royal Albert Hall.

While celebrating 30 years of their Black Sunday album, the hip-hop crew reached out to London Symphony Orchestra on social media. Tonight they provided orchestral arrangements for songs like “Insane In The Brain” and “I Wanna Get High.” “It’s been something that we’ve talked about for many years since the Simpsons episode first aired,” Louis Mario Freese, aka B-Real, told the BBC. Watch footage from the evening below.

Meanwhile, Nancy Cartwright, who famously voices Bart Simpson, recently addressed that rising pop star Sabrina Carpenter is her niece, and that video went viral this morning. “She’s pretty amazing,” she said in a TikTok.

@officialnancycartwright Replying to @sapphirem__ The rumors are true! Sabrina Carpenter is my niece! #sabrinacarpenter #bartsimpson #celebrities @Sabrina Carpenter ♬ original sound – Nancy Cartwright