Watch Garbage & Peaches Perform “Push It”/”Fuck The Pain Away” Mash-Up In Berlin

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Nineteen years ago, I covered a terrible New York music festival called Amsterjam. The theme of the fests was mash-ups, an online phenomenon that was already running out of steam in 2005. When the mash-up became a corporate-backed music fest, that meant we got the rare treat of seeing Wyclef and 311 half-assing their way through an onstage collaboration. I had a bad time that day, but one of the bright spots was getting to see Garbage, perhaps the only act on the bill that took the assignment seriously, inviting electroclash provocateur Peaches to the stage and fusing their own 1998 hit “Push It” with Peaches’ 2000 track “Fuck The Pain Away.” Last night, Garbage played Berlin, and they ran that collab back.

Garbage headlined Berlin’s Uber Eats Music Hall last night. (No really, that’s what it’s called.) Berlin is where Peaches lives, and at the end of their set, Shirley Manson had lots of nice of things to say about Peaches: “She’s somebody very, very special, doing everything on her own terms and ripping up all the rules of the fucking nonsense that preceded her appearance on the music scene.” They launched into “Push It.” Halfway though, Peaches made her way to the stage, and they switched abruptly into “Fuck The Pain Away” before combining the two tracks.

Shirley Manson and Peaches clearly love being onstage together. They should do this more often. Watch a couple of fan videos of last night’s team-up below.

@popatemyheartberlin „Push it / F*🖕k the pain away“- Remix in Berlin. Thank you so much @Garbage & #Peaches 💕🔥🌈 #garbage #theteachesofpeaches #live #queer #ubereatsarena ♬ Originalton – Nina

Garbage released their Lie To Me EP a few months ago. Check out our We’ve Got A File On You interview with Peaches here.