Watch Joanna Newsom Cover Children’s Songs, Debut New Track At Her LA Matinee Show

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This past week, Joanna Newsom has been performing as part of a Los Angeles residency, and she’s been playing some new songs. On Saturday afternoon, she had a matinee show with a setlist that was advertised as “not only suitable for children, but specifically designed with them in mind.” That ended up including covers of “Teddy Bears’ Picnic,” Michael Hurley’s “Slurf Song,” and two tracks from the Jim Henson extended universe, “Tadpole” and “The Frogs In The Glen.” Newsom had some puppeteers on stage with her throughout all this, and at all the shows in the residency she’s been joined by Robin Pecknold and Amber Coffman. She also debuted a new song of her own called “Rovenshere.” Check out video of some of the covers and that below.

Here’s another live debut (which fans are calling (“Home Economics”) from Friday:

And some videos from Thursday:

Newsom’s residency continues with a show tonight and shows next weekend.