Watch Madi Diaz Perform “Everything Almost” On The Tonight Show

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On Friday, Madi Diaz released her new album Weird Faith, which she told us about in a recent interview. To celebrate, she brought the single “Everything Almost” to The Tonight Show.

The singer-songwriter also shared a statement about Weird Faith on social media, saying she “cried a lot yesterday because I’m just so happy and so terrified at how happy I am.” Below, read it in full and watch her performance on The Tonight Show.

Weird Faith is now everyone’s and not just mine. It’s out. It’s just so many feelings at the same time. There’s a lot of crazy astrology (yall know how I loooooove my renee sills astrology), so much talk around the new moon and who I am and who I want to be and what I’m taking with me and what I’m shedding and leaving behind in the dust. So much feels mysterious and beautifully imperfect and exactly where it should be.

I think I’m excited? I think I’m happy I think I’m sad I think I’m relieved I think I have hope and I know I’m digging at my weird faith that everyone will love these songs like I do. I hope the record speaks to specific parts of you and your heart and that you know that we can sit in this feeling together. I cried a lot yesterday because I’m just so happy and so terrified at how happy I am (oh god I sound crazy but it’s just true man) that this huge gorgeous joy that is filling up my whole body – so much so that my skin feels tight – is gonna leave me at some point. But man, whoever is reading this, I just am so grateful at the world we are making and sharing together and for the space we are creating to feel this music and this art. That y’all press the play button on me ever or at all. That you wanna show up and support me in this process of creation and release. I’ve been so honored to feel you all with me more than ever. At the shows, on the internet, in the record stores. When y’all come up to me in an airport or a coffee shop or at the grocery store I’m just so glad to know parts of all of you through these songs that came from the very same parts in me. What a strange and beautiful thing weird faith is. I feel like every time I release a song I get to know you all a little better cause I’m getting to know myself a little more too. More than anything, I feel profoundly grateful to have a place to put these songs. With you guys. Thank you for learning who i am. Thank you for receiving my art. Thank you to my fucking wonderful team @littleoperationco and at @antirecords and @wassermanmusic for trusting my voice and my vision and helping me see it through and out into the world. I’m just one fucking very lucky woman. Damn.