Watch Maya Hawke’s Ultra-Twee Fallon Performance

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Did you see Asteroid City? Really good movie! Wes Anderson typically puts together giant casts full of famous people, and this time one of those famous people was Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. I’ve been awfully suspicious of the whole Maya Hawke phenomenon, but she’s really good in Asteroid City. She’s also been in Stranger Things and Do Revenge and a bunch of other things, and she’s released a couple of albums. Last night, she was the musical guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

This spring, Maya Hawke will release Chaos Angel, the new LP that she recorded with Christian Lee Hutson, and we’ve posted first single “Missing Out.” That’s the song that she sang on Fallon last night. For this performance, Hawke and her backing band all dressed up in wacky costumes. Hawke wore a kind of high-school uniform, the drummer was a lab-coat scientist with goggles, etc. Hawke’s dancing reminded me a bit of what she did in the “Dear Alien” scene from Asteroid City, and the whole thing really shot for maximum quirk. You can watch it below.

Chaos Angel is out 5/31 on Mom+Pop.