Watch The Jesus Lizard Play Comeback Single “Hide & Seek” Live For The First Time

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Gnarled noise-rock legends the Jesus Lizard returned to the road for a few years in the late 2010s, but they hadn’t released any new music since 1998’s Blue until Wednesday. That’s when the band announced Rack, their first album in 26 years, and shared its opening track “Hide & Seek.” Thursday, ahead of a robust schedule of 2024 shows, David Yow and the boys returned to the stage for the first time since New Year’s Eve 2019. At the Blue Room in the Nashville location of Third Man Records, they bashed out a full-length set that included the live debut of “Hide & Seek.” Watch footage of that song’s maiden voyage below.

“Mouth Breather”
“Destroy Before Reading”
“Hide & Seek”
“My Own Urine”
“Dancing Naked Ladies”
“Then Comes Dudley”
“Blue Shot”
“7 vs. 8”

“Monkey Trick”
“Bloody Mary”
“Wheelchair Epidemic”

“If You Had Lips”
“Fly On The Wall”